On 19th December 1974 Prince Claus crosses the Huiswaarder-brug, which he has just opened, together with mayor De Wit. It has been eagerly anticipated since Alkmaar Noord already has both Huiswaard estates developed. Whoever wants to reach the town-centre and does not want a big detour walking or cycling via the Friesebrug, surreptitiously crosses the Spoorwegbrug. Fencing and barricades, let alone roadsigns, cannot stop this. Alkmaar is honoured by the distinguished visitor. It is a milestone for ambitious town expansion plans. Which were more than necessary. After the war there is a severe housing shortage in town. Moreover, Alkmaar was seen by the authorities as a ‘growth nucleus’, where many of those seeking houses from the Randstad, mostly Amsterdam, could find new homes. The first expansion is realized in new housing estates on the west and south side of town: Hoefplan, Kooimeer and Nieuw Overdie. Churches and schools followed the houses. Vrijheidskerk, Don Bosco for instance. And as to schools, Willem Blaeu for instance. What a shame that in 2007 Don Bosco was sacrificed to a new apartment complex which never materialized. And then Alkmaar has run out of building land. In 1972 Koedijk and Oudorp lose their status as independent municipalities and are joined up with Alkmaar. The same goes for part of St Pancras. From that year on Alkmaar adheres to a two-pronged approach as far as new building space is concerned: urban renewal and urban expansion. But inhabitants of the Spoorbuurt offer fierce resistance when in their case renewal equals destruction. Just like the eastern district, unwilling to go gently to the slaughter, the Spoorbuurt takes to the barricades. We now owe to them a picturesque area, where new, young home-owners put their hearts into the maintenance and atmosphere of the snug little streets. Focusing on the north, we can distinguish Huiswaard 1 by its high-rise buildings. Huiswaard 2 boasts a more small-scale approach with a greater diversity in building styles. This will also be the policy for the rest of Alkmaar-Noord as far as Daalmeer near the Geestmeerambacht, the total building area of which extends beyond that of ‘old’ Alkmaar. The biggest shopping area is called the Mare. Jan Arentsz, Dalton and Clusius are large comprehensive schools.