Popular music culture has held a prominent place in Alkmaar. Nowadays the town offers a long series of performances year round. Partly in De Vest, but especially in festivals and open-air shows: ‘Summer on the Square’, on the Waagplein, in De Hout, next to the AZ stadium, in the Geestmerambacht. Former large commercial premises are popular as pop-up stages. In order to put on a show you need artists. Some of the most famous ones of the past few decades were born in Alkmaar. Rudi Carrell, from the Spoorbuurt, picked up the tricks of the trade from his dad who used to perform in the Gulden Vlies. He became a popular singer and presentor, first in the Netherlands, then in Germany, where ‘der Roedi’ was at his most successful. After Truitje Toussaint he became only the second Alkmaar artist to boast a bust. However, his stems less from boundless admiration, as was the case with Truitje, but must be seen more as a gesture towards our German guests. Karin Bloemen is given a place of honour in our museum as an Alkmaar star with her extravagant clothes. But she was an Alkmaarder only for a very short while, for a few hours after her delivery as a baby. After that she is really considered to be an inhabitant of Schagen. Which is pretty close. Proper Alkmaarders are the master bard of better-class ballads, Marco Borsato, and Ms Versatile, Angela Groothuizen. Both can still be seen on the Alkmaar stage from time to time. Sometimes as judge in a talent contest (Angela), sometimes as an artist of renown (Marco) at a festival, such as when Alkmaaar celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2004. Let us also give a mention to Gerard Joling, and Tommie Christiaan, and Giovanca, Gijs Staverman, Sophie Hillebrand. And who is unfamiliar with Bertje Doperwtje, ever clearly audible in the town-centre, brightly green?